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Niya Davis 
Eclectic, Creative, Intuitive


Niya is an eclectic, intuitive, practitioner and creative soul. Who's daily ambition is to be cember.

To Be" Cember", is to "choose to see the brighter side of life"

"ASHE" is a Yoruba word that loosely translates to "IT IS SO"

Through art, written and spoken word her desire is to be a bridge between the gaps that appear to separate us. Be they generationally, culturally, geographically and all the other labels designed to create pockets of separation the goal is to honour individuality within community and in doing so, be of service to those  

  • Who are ready to allow their uniqueness to become their strength 

  • Who are ready to experience what truly bringing all aspects of self into a state of balance, that is your own, can feel like

  • Who desire to be the true magician and commander of their personal power

  • Who desire a personal approach that grows with them organically and not according to a dictated pathway or structure

Ashe Unfolding is more than a website its a community. Some of what you will find here

  • Card Readings 

  • Exclusive Card Decks

  • Spiritual Development Mentoring

  • Workshops and Events

  • Free Community groups

  • Paid Memberships

  • Artwork & Creative expression

Above all you will find support!

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"We are here for but a moment in time. What we do with it determines what unfolds. Nobody is insignificant, its time to take your place and manifest the change you desire through the gifts you have been given"

Every service is tailored to the individual as that is were true power lies. In our ability to recognise this within each other 

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We are all layers of energetic creative expression

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Ashe Unfolding vec.PNG
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