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Crystal Clear Prescriptions

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Learn the properties of crystals and how to prescribe them for yourself and others. 7 excercises over 7 Days. To help you implement the use of crystals in any circumstance. This workshop is an extention of the 'What's Calling You?' workbook and group. In the modern world, stress and anxiety have become uninvited guests in most people's lives. Due to the growing complexities of life, people are experiencing higher and higher levels of stress and worry. Obviously, this has grave consequences for a person's health and quality of life. Other important aspects of life like relationships, career, and finances are also severely impacted. So, in the world that we live in, it's important to look for ways to relax and ensure your well-being. One way you can experience deep relaxation and work towards your well-being is by using crystals. (All units are immediately accessible so you can begin exactly where is most fitting for you)

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What’s Calling You?

What’s Calling You?

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