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Ancestral Connections 15th - 21st Jan

15th Jan 2022

Abameta - Day of Three Meetings - Yamaya and deities of water such as Oshun. Like water we are called to let things flow

Lunation Alignment

Draw on the deities of water to focus on self care, take time to rest and tune in. Let things flow and open your mind. What do you need in this moment, what can you do to replenish yourself? That first response you hear or feel is exactly what it is. Don't try to think it away, answer it. Its self soothing time

16th Jan 2022

Today is the Annual feast day of Ogun according to the Vodun Calendar though you will also find across other systems a feast day of the 29th June

Ojo Aiku - Day of Immortality - Obatala and supreme deities and guides of the heavens. This also extends to Orishas and energetic entities who are message carriers such as Eshu for he opens the way for all tiger communication to take place.

Lunation Alignment

Draw in the essence of Ogun and implement the moving parts to establish for yourself a cycle of self care. Draw on the essence of Obatala to provide clear insight and a vision of the positive effects that will unfold once it becomes established. Its time to fully commit, truly understand the why behind the change and connect to the driving force that will help you achieve it

17th January

Ojo Aje - Day of Profit - Eshu, gatekeepers and messengers of spirit. A good day for divination and energetic forecasting of the week ahead. What messages do you have for the ancestors and what responses do they have for you?

Lunation Alignment

It is the first day of the full moon cycle. It is a great day to connect to your higher self. Sit in meditation and draw on the essence of Eshu to bring clarity to the messages you which to send and those you receive. To visualise and sit in celebration of the pathways open to you. To ask for guidance in the fulfilment of your dreams

18th January

Ojo Isegun - Day of Victory - Ogun and deities of earth, labour and technology. Today is a good day to remember the advancements and contributions of our people to the world

Lunation Alignment

Day two of the full moon cycle and we are now feeling the passion of what we desire rise within us. Draw in Ogun essence to help you hammer in place your foundation so you can move forwards. Where there seems no way, consider how you can make one and what it will take. Strengthening as you go provides a solid platform on which to take a step back. Opening up the many ways in which you can move forwards without fear

19th January 2022

Ojo Riru / Ru - Day of Confusion - Babalu Aye. Today is a good day to perform acts of self care. To pay homage to our inner immune system, focus on healing or finding solutions to our ailments. To respect and honour the natural immunities passed down through ancestral lines. and to familiarise ourselves where possible generational patterns of dis ease, so we can break the chain

Lunation Alignment

Day three of the full moon cycle. As we build, so must we replenish. It is a good time to inject some fun into your self care routine, to dance rather than simply work out, to get creative and healthier in the kitchen. Eat to live rather than just eating to survive. Do it with a friend rather than do it alone. Draw in the essence of your inner healer and find the joy in giving yourself, unapologetically what you need

20th January 2022

Ojo Bo / Asesedaiye - Day of Creation - Olodumare and other primordial deities and spirits of creation. Today is a good day to explore stories, myths and legends of creation origins. To be respectful to all beings known and unknown

Lunation Alignment

Day four of the full moon cycle. It's a great time to reconnect with likeminded people, those who will help you maintain your drive. Too look at the stories we have told ourselves, see the lesson in them and draw on the essence of creation that lives within to create for ourselves relationships that reciprocate what we give. It's not fun if it's draining. Be honest about that

21st January 2022

Ojo Eti - Day of Failure / Postponement - Shango and deities of sexual potency, movement and fire. Today is a good day to let things flow as they will, fire does not wait or like to be told where to go. It simply consumes what comes. Embody the ancestral essence of those who rose with the tide even when they could not see a way

Lunation Alignment

As the full moon fades we enter day one of the waning gibbous. Shango is a war fire lord, just as fire spreads, so too does an enthusiasm for life. It's catching so pay attention to who dances away from of tries to douce the dance of your flame. Fire sheds light and keeps it moving. Those who are ignited will join the dance

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Ancestors be with you Ashe

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