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Ancestral Connections 1st-7th Jan

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Happy New Roman Year

Below is your 7 Day forecast. Here we align ancestral energies with astrological influences in order to empower and guide us. Join us over in the Ancestral Connections Community for daily insight and observance. Visit Groups and Click Join

1st Jan 2022

Today is Haitian independence day, marking the end of a 13 year war with France, 218 years ago in which Freedom was won. Numerically the energy of this number relates to prosperity, success and opportunity. Over the next 4 days we celebrate the victories of the ancestors. Check out this article to find out more and discover 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About the Independence of Haiti

Abameta - Day of Three Meetings - Yamaya and deities of water such as Oshun. Like water we are called to let things flow. In the essence of Hatiian Independence it is a good day to reflect on the emotional battles you have overcome and the freedom of emotional expression that was not afforded our ancestors

Lunation Alignment It is a time to let go of last year. Not simply because it is the 1st of January but also because of astrological energetic influences. You may call on Oshun energy to help you settle and clear matters of the heart or Yamaya to bring clarity to emotional matters. See what has been experienced for what it is and use those experiences to discern what it is you no longer wish to experience and create from within a foundation for new future experiences to flourish

2nd Jan 2022

Today is Haitian Ancestral Hero's Day 1. A day of breaking bread with family, friends and community in gratitude of the many who's lives have been lost in the battle for freedom. Though the struggle is far from over there have been many small worldwide victories that have contributed to the level of "freedom" we experience today.

Ojo Aiku - Day of Immortality - Obatala and supreme deities and guides of the heavens. This also extends to Orishas and energetic entities who are message carriers such as Eshu. In the essence of Haitian Ancestors day. It is a good day to Observe your Kingdom from a space of emotional detachment and Observe the wider perspective. To consider the hopes and dreams of those who sacrificed so we could have the freedom to act on our own hopes and dreams and a commitment to honor them as we go forwards

Lunation Alignment A new beginning, a new cycle and with it comes a desire to invite in the new. Before doing so steps must be taken or implemented to clear away the old. To slow down and consider where and how it all fits together. You may call in Obatala to open up your crown and help you observe things from a higher and more whole perspective. On Eshu to carry your petition and open the way for clarity, concerning the things that appear beyond you for you can not improve what you are unable to comprehend

3rd January

Today is Haitian Ancestral Hero's Day 2. A day of breaking bread with family, friends and community. Consume with gratitude the array of delicacies that pass you pallet in celebration and acknowledgement of the variety of good and nourishing foods that were denied our ancestors and we have access to today because of their sacrifices

Ojo Aje - Day of Profit - Eshu, gatekeepers and messengers of spirit. A good day for divination and energetic forecasting of the week ahead. In essence of Haitian Ancestors day it is a good day to call on wisdom from the ancestors, to seek, follow and act upon their guidance and to send back messages of gratitude for all thats has been overcome thus far

Lunation Alignment How we communicate with others will be of great importance to us at this time. As well as why and how these communication exchanges influence all we are trying to build. Call in Eshu and deities such as Elegua and other pathways or relatable energies to help you communicate with ease and from a space of truth so that your words strengthen the foundations you have set and are received as intended

4th January

Today is Haitian Ancestral Hero's Day 3. A day of breaking bread with family, friends and community. To give thanks and acknowledgement for the advancements of the people and gratitude for the ancestors who paved a way

Ojo Isegun - Day of Victory - Ogun and deities of earth, labour and technology. Today is a good day to remember the advancements and contributions our people. In essence of Haitian Ancestors day it is a good day to honour the works of the ancestors who worked with root and herb, workers of metal, engineers, inventors, and all the moving parts between. To consider what of them stands to be awoken in us that we too may be victorious in whatever part we play

Lunation Alignment It not so much about how the parts work or will work together and more about the individual parts themselves. Call in the essence of Ogun to advance your capabilities of integration, the essence of Gia, mother earth to uphold the foundation of plans and creation of space so better things can grow

5th January 2022

Ojo Riru / Ru - Day of Confusion - Babalu Aye. Today is a good day to perform acts of self care. To pay respect and care to our inner immune system, focus on healing or finding solutions to our ailments. To respect and honour the natural immunities passed down through ancestral lines

Lunation Alignment Observe what ails you and set a plan in motion to address it or reflect on the things already in place. Call in the essence of health and healing deities to assist in guiding and healing you, to highlight things that may serve you, that you had not considered. Keep it simple, go and look at that thing you read would help but havn't gotten around to yet. Honour the healers of your ancestral line. Call them in to support you, write down what comes and act on their direction

6th January 2022

Ojo Bo / Asesedaiye - Day of Creation - Olodumare and other primordial deities and spirits of creation. Today is a good day to explore stories, myths and legends of creation origins. To be respectful to all beings known and unknown.

Lunation Alignment We are creators and contributors too and of the the world in which we live. It is good time to be mindful of our emotions. Call in the wisdom of Obatala to illuminate your resources, so you can better manage the goals you have put in place for this cycle. Draw on and pay respect to the knowledge passed down and apply it to the fulfilment of you dreams and ambitions. They made mistakes so you wouldn't have to repeat them. build upon it and break the chains of damaging habits and energetic cycles. Create anew

7th January 2022 Ojo Eti - Day of Failure / Postponement - Shango and deities of sexual potency, movement and fire. Today is a good day to let things flow as they will, fire does not wait or like to be told where to go. It simply consumes what comes. Embody the ancestral essence of those who rose with the tide even when they could not see a way.

Lunation Alignment It is ok to feel disconnected or to disconnect and take time to heal without the impact of external influences. Call on the essence of Shango to strengthen your resolve as you burn away and observe the parts of self that stem your natural potential for growth and freedom from harmful thought and behavioural patterns

(The next Forecast will be posted on the 7th January and will forecast the 8th-15th Jan 2022)

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