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Ancestral Connections 8th-14th Jan

8th Jan 2022

Abameta - Day of Three Meetings - Yamaya and deities of water such as Oshun. Like water we are called to let things flow

Lunation Alignment

Draw on the deities of water to balance the ferocity of fire. If you have been waiting to take action on something now is a good time. Now that you have the drive. Draw in the essence of Yamaya to ease the way. So you may create and move forward with fuidity.

9th Jan 2022

Today is national Voudun Day in Benin. This day the people pay respect an homage to the acestors. Calling them in to guide and usher in the scattered decedents of the diaspora. Today they honor tration, ritual, practices and the histories of the people. Read more here Voudun Day Benin

Ojo Aiku - Day of Immortality - Obatala and supreme deities and guides of the heavens. This also extends to Orishas and energetic entities who are message carriers such as Eshu. I honor of voudun day it is a great day to sit in meditation. Connect to source energy and listen for guidance. We may not make or ways home in body but we can travel in spirit, we can remember story and ritual and what can be remembered can be passed on. Obatala can help you to better see what action is required to draw you closer to home. Wherever that may be

Lunation Alignment

Draw in the essence of Obatala to provide a higher perspective. Look over your kingdom and determine what needs to be cleansed and cleared. Before you act on impulse consider the ripple effects.

10th January

Ojo Aje - Day of Profit - Eshu, gatekeepers and messengers of spirit. A good day for divination and energetic forecasting of the week ahead. What messages do you have for the ancestors and what responses do they have for you?

Lunation Alignment

What small details need tending too? Look about your home , Is there an area of clutter you have been meaning to clear? Check in with spirit before you spend. The message may just be “You really don’t need that” keep an eye on how you are spending not only your money but your time.

11th January

Ojo Isegun - Day of Victory - Ogun and deities of earth, labour and technology. Today is a good day to remember the advancements and contributions of our people to the world

Lunation Alignment

Draw in Ogun essence to help you hammer in place your foundation. To solidify your plans. Create your own blueprint of success. Those who have already made a way left lessons so that you could create for yourself a path of your own making not follow in their footsteps but surpass their attempts.

12th January 2022

Ojo Riru / Ru - Day of Confusion - Babalu Aye. Today is a good day to perform acts of self care. To pay homage to our inner immune system, focus on healing or finding solutions to our ailments. To respect and honour the natural immunities passed down through ancestral lines

Lunation Alignment

It is a time of confusion and realisation that all that glitters is not gold. Steady your mind and let things unfold as they will. Take some time for you. To heal nourish and care. Choose you over confusion because it shall pass and when it does you shall find that having taken this time to honour self was a fundamental building block

13th January 2022

Ojo Bo / Asesedaiye - Day of Creation - Olodumare and other primordial deities and spirits of creation. Today is a good day to explore stories, myths and legends of creation origins. To be respectful to all beings known and unknown

Lunation Alignment

As you consider the time and place in which you find yourself. What from this standing point do you feel drawn to create? What small steady, but powerful steps can you busy yourself with? Take onboard all you need to know and apply it.

14th January 2022

Ojo Eti - Day of Failure / Postponement - Shango and deities of sexual potency, movement and fire. Today is a good day to let things flow as they will, fire does not wait or like to be told where to go. It simply consumes what comes. Embody the ancestral essence of those who rose with the tide even when they could not see a way

Lunation Alignment

Implement what flows, reign in your frustration. Shango is a strategist, a god or war , set a slow burn on the things that are holding you back reassess your position before jumping ahead

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Ancestors be with you Ashe

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