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Clair Abilities, Chakras & Intuition

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

What are our Clair abilities?

You may or may not be familiar with this term but you are most certainly familiar with the sensations of at least one if not all of these intuitive abilities.

For clarity and research purposes we will call them the 8 Clair abilities. Throughout history there are records of individuals who have displayed extreme natural affinities, considered gifts. Innate abilities to experience, connect and even influence unseen energies.

There are 8 main categories that divide our intuitive senses known as the 8 Clairs. There are sub categories that break down into physical manifestations of these abilities we call gifts. Such as telekinesis - the ability to move objects, or even intangibility - the ability to alter ones physical atoms. But thats another post for another time. Consider that there is not one spectrum but many and that as we each individually grow and develop our individual points on each of these, spectrums shift to best serve us according to our personal understanding and needs. They fluctuate and bleed into each other to create a sense of balance and complete our sense of reality

Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing - I see things - Third Eye Chakra

Claircognizance - Clear Knowing - I know things - Crown Chakra

Clairaudience - Clear Hearing - I hear things - Throat Chakra

Clairempathy - Clear Emotional Feeling - I feel others - Heart Chakra

Clairgustance - Clear Tasting - I taste things - Sacral Chakra

Clairsentience - Clear Physical Feeling - I feel things - Solar plexus Chakra

Clairtangency - Clear Touching - I experience physical touch - Hand Chakras

Clairsailience - Clear Smelling - I smell things - Root Chakra

Collectively they are a means to understanding the way in which we commune with the universe through our individual soul language. These 8 senses can also be attributed to the 8 main energetic centres within our physical bodies best understood as Chakras. They are not limited to but are most closely associated as presented above.

When our clair abilities are considered from the perspective of our Chakras they can present themselves in the following ways, layers and connections

Root Chakra - Clairsalience

One of our first senses that we use when entering this life is smell. It roots within us a sense of security. The scent of mothers milk, her skin, our fathers and homes and extended families. We can evoke memories through scent to reconnect to a sense of security.

Sacral Chakra - Clairsentience

Our instincts such as fight or flight mode often manifest as a feeling or tension within our lower bodies. When we find ourselves attracted to another it can physically manifest as "butterflies". When we are fearful we may experience clenching or bubbling.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Clairgustance

Our ability to taste extends to our digestive tract. The experience of a foul or pleasant act of consumption effects our satisfaction. When we fail to nourish ourselves we begin to experience all manner of imbalances.

Heart Chakra - Clairempathy

Our energetic heart centre is one of the most powerful. It is the meeting or connection point of our upper and lower chakras and emits a frequency that projects many feet outside of our physical bodies. Allowing us to connect and experience a spectrum of attachments to others

Throat Chakra - Clairaudience

Our throat, mouth and ears are connected. We speak what we hear in the way in which we process it. The language we grow up hearing is the language we grow to most naturally use. Though it is not unusual for spirit to commune in other languages and for us to understand

Third Eye Chakra - Clairvoyance

Our pineal gland is located just above and between our eyebrows towards the centre of our brains. The frontal cortex governs our perception of the world. Our occipital lobe, located at the back of the head is responsible for visualisation

Crown Chakra - Claircognizance

When we are born the crown of our heads is soft. We enter into life head first, as we should with all matters in life. Absorbing and processing all our sensory inputs to conclude what our next best step should be for our greatest good


Let us begin with a short exploration of what intuition feels like. It is important to understand what truth feels like when we begin to flex our Clair abilities, as self trust will always be our greatest tool.

The following is an exercise I like to do with all my clients. Some of which upon first contact will insist that they have absolutely no abilities at all. Sometimes this is the best starting point because once they do realise they know more than they think, this realisation ignites their intuitive pathways. It becomes self realisation as opposed to " This person told me I am this". Though I am always happy to attribute for clarification their experiences as one clair or another. The confirmation is their all own.

Once you familiarise yourself with the following activity. You will most certainly notice a shift in your exchanges with self and others. There are many ways to hone and explore our senses and connections using the basic framework presented in the exercise below, using the information above. Should you find or feel guided to further explore and hone your gifts visit the Book Online Page and book an Unfold Your Ashe intuitive exploration session

  • Start by selecting for yourself a concrete truth, something about yourself you know without a doubt. Something that isn't subjective but that you know within to be absolutely true. Then do the same for something about yourself you know to be a lie and absolute untruth. Keep it short, simple and direct

  • Now find a quiet space and steady your breathing. Relax, close your eyes and open yourself up to the physical sensations in your body.

  • Now speak your truth. Speak it with confidence, feel into it. Repeat it as many times as you need to and pay attention to how your body feels and the sensations you experience.

  • Now speak your lie, with the same level of confidence, repeat it as many times as you need to and pay attention to the way it feels and any shifts you experience.

Intuition is a sensory layer of survival. This technique can be used to determine the truth of our reality. Where there is room for doubt, there is room for consideration. This layer of perception or "spirit" will never lie to us. As self deception is counter productive to our evolution. If we are willing to listen close enough. Truth will lead the way.

When we understand the difference between the truth and lies we tell ourselves, we are better attuned to the frequency of the truth and lies told by others. Allowing us to better navigate our inner and outer world, in a way that connects and does not separate these experiences. This can be described as "self enlightenment" or "shadow work". An uncovering of the origins of our beliefs and an embrace of the truth that is encoded within each of us

Once you are able to grasp the understanding of how our intuitive clairs, interact with our energetic chakras which influence our physical body's it becomes much easier to navigate the pathway to our individual truth. Your journey is your own.

Feeling called to explore your perception? Book an Intuitive exploration session

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