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Clairvoyant Readings

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

What's going on with you?

We all have an internal guidance system. A little confirmation goes a long way

All readings are in writing with full colour photos of all aspects of your spread. There is no card limit. I pull for as long as the messages keep flowing. I use a variation of Tarot and Oracle Cards, selected from my collection of over 60 decks. Decks are selected according to your line of questioning and my intuitive senses.

Once booked you will receive

  • Confirmation of your booking

  • Top tips to enhance your experience

  • Your written reading within 48 hours of payment

  • A reiki care pack for reiki readings

One line of questioning

What reoccurring question keeps coming to mind?

What can you not quite seem to put your finger on?

We all have an area of life where we could do with a little clarity and guidance. What area is that for you? Lets see what the cards have to say

Reiki Readings

Combine your card reading with a reiki alignment session and receive not only a written write up of your card reading with pictures, but also the energetic grounding to process any resulting intuitive nudges. Open your pathways

Personal Trinity

This is what I like to call a totality reading. It opens with an enquiry into past present and future energetic influences. Then delves deeper into shedding light on the mind, body, and soul aspects that are currently at play. There is no limit to the trinities that unfold when you peel back the layers.

All readings include a FREE photo reading - This requires an unfiltered picture of you taken within the last 7 days

(For live readings please see Intuitive Guidance sessions)

Please contact me via Whats App +44 7578 256492 to secure your booking

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