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Digitize Your Personal Vision

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Know Thyself to Grow Thyself

What do you visualize when you dream about your life going from here to there? What is it going to take or require you to implement in order to manifest these desires? 

We are visual beings. This is why manipulative marketing works. Because words, phrases, images create physical subconscious reactions. What If you could take this knowledge and make it work for you. Wouldn't you use it?

This is what the Digital Vision Board workshop is about. Selling the possibility of your most intimate visions to yourself, to cement your belief in obtaining your goals, to ignite the driving force in a way that speaks to you.

Often the first step in obtainment is being daring enough to dream. Being brave to be honest about what it is you want and how you want it to look.

I don't know how to create digital images...

The workshop contains a step by step video on how to sign up and use a free software application .

I don't feel clear enough in what I want...

The workshop contains journal prompts to help you connect even deeper and gain a greater sense of clarity.

I don't know what area of life to focus on...

Each step focuses on an area of life to help you truly pinpoint the most moving and motivational aspects.

There is no better time to clarify your desires

Use them as your screen saver ...

Print them out and pin them up...

Surround yourself with you vision

Get direct access to the community support group when you join and share your vision.

Amplify you motivation 🙌🏾

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