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Flick of the Wrist

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

The ultimate card readers companion has arrived

Are you tired of searching for card spreads?

Uninspired to consistently read?

Has your daily reading ritual lost its spark?

Do you want to bring a little more fun to your live client readings?

Then this is the card deck for you

54 individual spreads, 8 direct lines of questioning

No new system to learn, nothing but your intuition and the ability to shuffle. Each card displays a card spread and base line of questions

This deck needs no explanation, no guidebook, can be used with any deck you own, be it Tarot or Oracle which also makes it the perfect gift for your card deck loving friends

You have a choice of the Galaxy burst addition or the ER (Easy Read) design

It's all in the Flick Of The Wrist

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