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Greetings, fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners

I am and have always been about community. I believe it takes a village to not only raise the next generation but lift each other up whilst we do so

I don't believe that we need to compete to elevate or reach our desired heights. So I'm opening my platform for Advertising, Pitching, Networking and Collaborative opportunities

Membership is FREE.

All you have to do is complete the public profile sections.

Name - The name you want the public to see

Company - Your Company Name

Links - Social or Website link

Bio - Draw people in and tell them a little about what you do

There will be

Events - The opportunity to share your brilliance

Advertising - The opportunity to have your business highlighted and featured

Networking - The opportunity to join live chats, share and receive support

Even if there 100 people providing the same service as you you, you better believe, they never do it your way. I believe in what you have to offer. So come along and share just what that is.

When members click into your profile they will be able to find out exactly what you have going on so stay tuned to events for opportunities

Also check out the Party Boy app and

advertise what you have going on for FREE

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