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Holistic Wellness Support

It's easy to desire a healthier lifestyle, to want the physical and mental benefits. Our physical wellness has a direct impact on our mental and spiritual bodies and when we are able to find a balance that we can truly live with, we THRIVE!

The first thing that people automatically associate with wellness services and products are the external physical benefits. Their main goals tend to be muscle gain, weight gain, weight loss or toning. All of these are great and achievable for many people, but once they step away from the product, support group, personal trainer, or find themselves in a position where they are unable to access their usual motivators things shift, old habits sink in and suddenly your previous results are a distant memory.

It has been proven that when we shift our focus more towards how we want to feel, these changes become part of our everyday lifestyles and we are better able to maintain our results.

I’m wise enough to know that the exact way I reached my personal body and lifestyle goals is my own personal journey and experience. My exact steps won’t work for everyone. So when I share its to empathise not direct. Finding your own way is key to maintaining your results and that is how the journey is designed

I find that all to often it comes down to the framework not addressing the clients needs. Because it hasn’t been built for the individual, it was built for as many people as possible to fit into.

“The average”. But you are not average, you are unique. So we construct your framework, I provide the support, you solidify the foundation.

I don’t know about you, but I love me some good food. Food that fills and satisfies. I don’t believe you have to punish to nourish.

Sharing is Caring

I haven’t always had the healthiest relationship with food. My journey into giving my body what I need opened an entire avenue of connections. I had to relearn to love me some me like cooked food.

With the birth of my fourth child and after 9 full months of continuous vomiting (Hyperemesis)

What I did learn however is that there are many ways to connect to what goes into your body that determines what it gives out. Moderation not saturation is balance

So here’s me sharing a little of my journey...

Support Package

Weekly Check In - I’m guessing you are here because you are either tired of yoyoing or you lack the support and or consistency to balance your lifestyle. That’s ok. I’ll check in with you personally every week by message to see how I can support you in your journey over the coming week, if you still feel that the goals you set and the approach is working or anything new has come up, we will address it. This is to help you stay present, accountable and take notice of the difference even a few days can make.

Inner Foundations Workbook - A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Want to explore your Chakras, Detox, Food Elimination, Yoga, Crystals, Essential Oils, Journaling, Affirmations? It also includes your full wellness plan with shopping list and recipes. You will find it all in here. There are so many ways to incorporate wellness into our lives. This workbook will help you get just that little bit closer to figuring out what works for you and help to tailor the direction of your support package.

Community Support - Access to the Wholistic Renaissance private Whats App group. Hosted by myself and 3 other amazing and gifted soul sisters. We bring what we do together to provide you with multiple perspectives and access to a host of information and services. Challenges and live calls every 14 days. It’s all about step by step incorporation of holistic tools and resources. Crystals, meditation, food synergy, recipes, intuitive exploration. It’s a growing community full of others getting their glow on in their own unique way.

You took 9 months to develop, allow yourself the space, cultivate the environment and be kind enough to give yourself what you need to truly transition and birth a better and more balanced you.

Products and Pricing

Weight Gain, Muscle Gain, Weight Maintenance, Weight Loss, Vegan Transitioning, Nutritional Support, what's your goal?

  • Minimum 4 month plan

  • Product price = Package price

  • Instalments available

Tailor your product package to support your goals and financial means. Please feel free to get in touch via chat or drop a message should you have any enquiries or concerns.

Direct Product Link - Product details, ingredients, catalog, scientific studies and shipping locations...

All products are Non GMO, 100% plant based, and ethically sourced.

  • Detox

  • Nourish

  • Sleep Better

  • Balance Energy Levels

  • Increase Concentration

  • Healthier Skin

  • Longer Nails

  • Rapid Hair Growth

Place your order and get ready to create a lifestyle you can live with.

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