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Holisticaly Healthy Weight, Gain & Maintain

Weight gain is a rarely spoken about Struggle of millions of women.

Despite what the media say about rising levels of obesity there are those struggling at the other end of the scale. Gaining weight is only part of the journey.

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Once you hit that goal, then what do you do, how does your body feel?

The fist time I gained weight vs the weight I currently maintain. Same dress size, different life

Im sure you can guess which was the result of trying to do it the unhealthy way.

When you focus on building your body up and not simply filling it up, your relationship with not only food but yourself will flourish and change in many other areas.

The core product in the plan is a 100% natural, plant based, non GMO meal replacement supplement . Only when you are gaining you don’t replace, you incorporate.

How you do it is where the one to one support comes in.

Holistic Packages

I am here to be of support. To assist you in finding your balance through holistic and healthy means. Some of the areas I provide support in are

  • Creating a routine that maximises your results

  • Sourcing helthy recipies

  • Mindflow (Mindset) Work

  • Self Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Weekly Check Ins

At 41 with 4 children I feel fitter and healthier now that i have created for myself a life of moderation and self acceptance. It's not about how how anybody "sees" you and all about how you feel in your own skin.

Yow can download your FREE copy of "Healthy Weightgain" for recipies and information concerning my journey and the products used. it contains recipies, workout routines and so much more.

If you'd like more informaion please contact me direct on here.

Health is Wealth

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