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Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Unfold Your Ashe - Introductory Sessions

Ashe - So it is, It is so - Life Force

You are Ashe and within you lie many pathways of self. Layers and aspects that are divine gifts, given to assist us in this our life journey. There are a multitude of ways to align what lays dormant within and awaken to this given potential.

We will explore your birth chart and the areas that specifically relate to the work you have come to do and how your ancestral lines and connections influence you this life cycle

We will look at the numerical resonance of your name and the energy it evokes

We will do several intuitive exercises to test and flex your intuitive abilities

The session will be closed with a live card reading focused on your continued exploration and current energetic circumstances

Recorded - Sessions are £55.55

Align Your Ori - Continued Development Sessions

Your Ori is your guiding head. The aspect of self that leads you towards your greatest good.

These sessions can only be booked after an Unfold Your Ashe Introductory session as they are based on strengthening your intuitive connections and abilities using the information obtained. Focused on daily implementation and incorporation you will learn and discover how to release your fears and manifest with ease. You will learn how to use the abilities that come naturally to you and strengthen your confidence in other areas

These sessions include a follow up file containing a written ancestral reading and detailed personalised aspects and resources relating to your intuitive growth. Any future work should you book future sessions will be added to your file

Recorded - Sessions are £133.33

Connect via Whats App +44 7578 256492 to book your session

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