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New Year, New You…

Yup, that is a Gif of a gold, sparkling pile of s*$t because you my lovely are sure to be who you were born to be. Yes its a new year and a new day and being optimistic is key, but being real is even more vital.

Have you realised yet that New Year resolutions tend to go against your natural flow. That you set yourself unrealistic goals, essentially setting yourself up for failure? If anything is going to be new let it be your perception of self, let it be new levels of awareness, let it be how you approach things, let it be your acceptance of self.

One of my biggest struggles every year wasn't thinking up all the things I wanted to do or achieve, it was actually finding the drive, time and mind to achieve them.

When you can plan and forecast according to your personal ebb and flow you open up an entire new level of productivity and ease. Worrying about why you suddenly feel muddy headed and unable to do what came so easy two days is a thing of the past when you realise its because now is not the time to push ahead but a time for rest you can do so without guilt and maximise use of both your up and down times.

You are not alone. I was this person. But I have come these past 4 years to lean more into my natural Organic state of being, me, in life and in business and this is something we can all learn, lean into and take advantage of.

The Moonsight Planner can help you do that. It's all done for you, tried, tested and proven by thousands and now you, when you access the amazing Free Content in Moon School or simply grab you a FREE 1 cycle planner

Moon planning is the art of tuning into and aligning your natural flow with planetary and elemental influences. It really isn't complicated, you don't need to be an astrologist, you don't need to even know your exact time and location of birth to begin tuning into the energetic elements. You are already naturally attuned, already reacting and responding to astrological influences.

The Moonsight Planning Lab

In as much as this planning system is focused on business growth and development at the heart of that is you, so it is a meeting of both aspects. Mystic Business School is the place for you if you desire to go beyond scratching the surface. If you desire to tap into the power of your personal birth chart, to ditch the struggle of a Monday to Friday and what used to be 9-5 but is now more like 7-10. Currently open for intake

Exhaustion and burnout are real, learning to fill and replenish you cup is the greatest gift you can give yourself this new year. Reaching your goals isn't unobtainable, this year doesn't have to be a repeat of years past. Want a different result, its time to try a different approach and it doest have to cost you a thing but a moment of your time. The greatest currency or all. Learn to use it to your advantage.

Join myself and over 4000 others over in the Free Facebook Community to get your flow on. It's a vibe.

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