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The Ashe Unfolding Oracle Deck - Orisha Energy

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

The 7 Orisha of the 7 African Powers have a hierarchy system and attributes that can be found to resonate with the Gods of Olympus. Knowing and understanding helps clear any confusion that to understand the Orisha requires an entire new system of learning

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Linking what we understand - (What we have been taught) With what we inner stand (What we intuitively know) in order to over stand, strengthens our divine connection to our ancestors and creation itself

Understanding is only the first step in building a connection with the workings of African spirituality perceptions, practices and the ways in which our ancestors communed within and outside of themselves. To clear away the belief that our spiritual systems are in any way inferior or less in favour of the elevation of human kind. These are the connections as shown to me through spirit during meditation, following intuitive nudges and years of what I didn't know at the time of study and research.

You will find many different spellings and perspectives concerning how the attributes I have used associate with each of the Orisha. I encourage you to explore them all. Spirit communes with each of us according to our individual understanding. I ask that you understand the systems and cycles presented are but a stepping stone to tapping into your own personal intuition

Cards, Suits, Elements & Attributes

Each suit is a cycle of 7 cards the head card is the Orisha card and there are 6 cards that follow and link back to that Orisha. It is story of unfolding those aspects and using them to empower you. Each Image contains aspects that are associated with that Orisha, their symbology is woven into each definition.

Attributes and Associations

Each head Orisha card is a representation of an Orisha of The 7 African Powers, Each has been associated with the Chakra and element that resonates with the energy of that Orisha.

As we know each Chakra is associated with a core colour of the light spectrum. The essence of these colours are reflected in the energetic principles of that Chakra

The numerological numbers and the attributes associated with their energetic principles are woven into the message of each card. Each Orisha is the 7th card and head of that suit

The principle of the 7 frequencies is the rising of ones energetic perceptions. These have been woven into the 7 suits and the 7 cards associated with each individual suit

The 7 Frequencies is an energetic perception method founded by a Mr Bruce.D.Schneider. It is a means to observing, acknowledging, embracing and shifting the frequency of your energetic perception and so attraction. It is a tool of personal development, a journey of leadership and was later adapted by the amazing Caitlin Hefner to better resonate with ones spiritual journey in relation to “Shadow Work“ these perceptions have been woven into the story of development and the journey between cards as presented in each suit

The 7 planets of the solar system as well as their astrological counterparts all contain attributes that resonate with the energies and pathways associated with each Orisha and have been woven into the card meanings and messages

The energetic principle of the 7 days of the week as well as the attributes of the 7 days of Kwanzaa

The 7 Clair abilities are an intuitive layer of senses that extend from our 7 physical senses and relate back to the essence of each corresponding Orisha

The 7 branches of the Kabala have also been attributed. On account of their resonance with the 7 Chakra system

It sounds like a lot but in actual principle it is the same resonance of mans interpretations of God essence.

The six cards attributed to each Orisha contain images of animals to found on the Vast continent that is Africa. The spiritual meanings of these animals all relate back to the above attributes as assigned to each card.

No matter your energetic practice these cards can be read in way that connects to those energetic principles. Spirit animals and guides.

Pick a card - Just press stop, what message awaits?

Second Addition now available in Easy Read

This deck is designed to bring the gap in your perception of what aknowleding and working with Orisha essence looks and feels like. To enhance your connection to ancestral perceptions of our connection to all and the forces at work within all of us. To bring what you know in line with what was known and to align you with ancestral perceptions of the acknowledgment of creation within self.

In this our individual spiritual journey we begin to understand and unfold the individual perceptions and interpretations woven within every one of us. To interpret the language with witch to tap into whatever aspect of energy most suits our growth.

Energy knows no separation it simple is and so we must learn to be.

Hue - Man - Entities - of - Energy

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