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Welcome to Ashe Unfolding

'No matter where we are, WE ARE the children of Eden"

The continent currently known as "Africa" formally recorded and referred to as "Alkebulan" (Translation - "mother of mankind", "the garden of Eden")

In order to rewrite a narrative, knowledge is required. When they wrote "Know thyself" on the pyramids of Egypt (in "Africa" though society would have you consider it detached) they were speaking of the pursuit of knowledge. Not your personal acquirement of the texts and perspectives of others but the pursuit of your individual perspective. Your inner standing.

Ashe is "Life breath" (So it is, it is so, as such, so you are)

This space is about the unfolding of the gift of life within you. Standing in the knowledge that you are an individual pathway of creation itself and as such within you lie the given elements and ability to transmute energy.

Ori is " Divine destiny" ( Consciousness, inner voice, your inner guide)

This space is about tuning into you personal guidance system, the part of you that knows the ways you can not physically see. That directs you towards the path of least resistance and guides you towards your greatest good and expression of self.

Govanance of these gifts of creation require the obtainment of personal balance. This is found by tuning into the essence of these gifts. Through the release of fears, un conditioning, regrowth and expansion.

Here, in this space we are about generational legacy and wealth, the rising of the collective community, they laying of legacy and the rewriting of the narrative from the perspective of the people, for the people.

"There is no right way, only your way, for the path of another, was not made for your soul to tread"

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