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What is Being Cember?

My Company is called BeCember LTD. How did I come up with this made up sounding word and what does it have to do with anything. Well I heard it on the wind and it has everything to do with what I wish to represent in all aspects of my life and service

So a few years ago I began hosting online events. I now collaborativly host online events with my soul siss stars over at Wholistic Renaisance. Come check us out, drop us a message and join our holistic welness Whats App group.

I was struggling to articulate what to call my next challenge. It was December and I was sitting down trying to come up with something catchy. In my toilet, not on it lol, with a notebook and pen. Only quiet place in the house when you have a 4 and 2 year old running around and space is limited.

So there I am scribbling down words and I hear a whisper, "BeCember" By this point I'm feeling like I'm loosing my mind because well what kind of unhelpful play on words is that. Then I heard it again, louder but slightly separated. "Be Cember" This voice was somehow separate and outside of the trains of thought running in my mind. I pushed it away and tried to well, come up with something better. Then I heard "CEMBER." and I felt a sharp jab in my ribs. It rocked me, pushing me slightly. Now I was like ok, OK, what the heck and I heard "Look it up?"

So I did...

What I found was one word that collated all I strived to be within myself and convey in my business. I am a strong believer in the resonance of words. To Be Cember means

"To become the person you can trust and choose to see the brighter side of life"

  • “A Cember a person that you can trust.

  • Cembers usually think on the brighter sides of things and try to keep everyone positive.

  • A Cember is someone who can't leave someone behind and always will try to be there, even for someone they don't know.

  • A Cember is someone who is strong, even when the world may seem like it's going to crash down around them.

  • A Cember is deep, caring, intuitive, and romantic. A Cember is someone who can't be mean, even if they tried.

  • A Cember is someone who sees the beauty in everything and wants to learn more about anything.

  • A Cember is a daydreamer, someone who has problems at times, and a person who can be extremely funny.

  • A Cember is someone who is humble and sweet. A person that is definitely worth befriending.”

I was so moved I cried, I had never heard of or seen this word before but when I read the definitions it was like a flower unfolding its petals within and I was filled with grattitude that now when asked what Im about I could now simply say "Being Cember".

When you decide to make yourself of service to others, you want the name of your business to speak volumes. Doing what I do in the way that I do it means that I can never provide enough words to explain who I am and what I wish to help others achive.

I even took it a step further and calculated the numerical resonance of the word because I am also all about the frequency of words. I loved how the word made me feel and decided to explore why.

BeCember =

Destiny Number = 8 = Energy moderation

Soul Urge Number = 6 = The desire for peace, harmony and balance

Personality Number = 2 = Solidarity, a sense of teamwork

Am I making this all up? Sometimes it fees like it. Because belive it or not exactly 7 days after I registered my business I signed up for an intuitive development workshop and one of the members in this small group was called, well, "Cember". What a beautiful reflection of her name she turned out to be.

I share this story to say, when you need reassurance that the steps you are taking are moving you in the right direction there is no limit to the ways the universe will communicate these confirmations. If your internal antannae is burried in fear and doubt these messages will come through fragmented and you will struggle to translate them or even see them for what they are

I can help clear the static and tune your dial. Many people who have taken my "Unfold your Ashe" session, find that this one off session is enough to help heal their mistrust of self. As it focuses specifically on scratching the surface of whats within all of us, hightening our awearness and strentghening our connection to self.

All my sessions are time flexable. You book an hour upfront and then can pay as you go should you wish to continue the session past that point.

Some wish to continue digging and honing what has been uncovered and will go on to book "Align Your Ori" sessions. These sessions are more in depth and we begin to personalise your intuitive development journey.

When we ask, the universe is always responding. When we seek, the universe is showing. Are you missing your personal signs and wonders?

Perhaps a card reading will help uncloud your vision. You can book one here. Card Readings .

You can also check out the blog and or message me direct should you have any questions.


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