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What is Clairgustance?

The gift of taste

Clear taste is an interesting clair because it almost simaltainiously works with other clairs.

When we taste flavour, we also feel texture which stimulates an emotional responce. hence the phrases "Feel good food" or "Soul Food". We may even visualise the first time we tasted it.

This clair ability is more widely used than we aknowledge because it isn't as easy to recognise as the others and often overlooked as an intuitive sense in it's own right. There are individuals who can taste a concoction and decifer the precise ingredients, even measurements, people who can taste changes in the weather.

What this ability can look like

  • A hightened sense of taste. The ability to define the most subtle of flavours

  • Associating thoughts or feelings with flavours

  • Tasting the atmosphere (almost like a reptilian)

  • Being emotionally triggered by flavours

  • Favours trigger memories

  • Thinking of a person leaves a taste in your mouth

  • Sensing physical energy leaves a taste in your mouth

It would make sense logically that the intuitive ability to taste would be associated with the Throat Chakra. However from my personal experience and perspective I have found tasting something most often than not triggers a gutteral responce and so that points us to the Solar Plexus Chakra that governs the stomach and related organs.

Clairgustance and Ancestral Connection

Food can be a beautiful explorative gateway to connecting to ones roots (Root Chakra). You may even find that during the following excercise many of the ingredients or preparation tecniques almost feel familiar. Locate a recipe for a traditional dish and prepare a meal for you and your ancestors. You don't need to have an alter or even serve up a separate plate. The following excercise is about connecting to the essence of the ancestors that course within you

  • Prepare a traditional dish. Even as you, select and gather your ingredients ask your ancestors to come forwards with guidance. Ask which potatos to select, what bunch of herbs. You are not shopping alone. As you do so consider the way in which your ancestors would have gone about collecting their produce. Tell them, "Come shop with me, guide my eye."

  • Even as you prepare your ingredients ask your ancestors to direct you in the order, to guide your knife. Call on them, tell them "Come, see how I prepare a feast for us". Consider how they would prepare their meals

  • Even as you cook, call in your ancestors. Tell them " Come mix with me, come stir with me, let us feed the legacy". Consider how they cooked, songs they sung. Put on some music

  • Even as you dish out your meal, call in your ancestors. Tell them " Come eat with me, through me, let us eat as one family, united and nourished as one" Consider how and with whome they ate

(Side note. There are many dishes, specifically those that involve meat where parts of the animal such as feet, innards, toung, tail... That are key parts of how the meal is"traditionally made". Consider that these parts were often used due to a scarcity of meat and having to use what was accesable. Not through choice. No farmer kills a chicken just to eat its feet, he eats it's feet because he has only so much". So feel free to honor your ancestors by only using fine cuts). Trust what flows to you, evolve, add your stamp to the recipie.

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