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What is Clairvoyance?

What is Clairvoyance?

This sensory layer of perception allows us to recall, revisit and imagine. Sharpening our sensory perception and processes can open ways for us to forecast and even predict. From past experience we are able to assess and eliminate a series of possible outcomes. We can visualise how something will go. Empowering us to consider what behaviour will trigger what outcome.

Visualisation can be just as powerful as action. It can create within us, physical, emotional and mental shifts. This is why conditions such as PTSD are often experienced as a reliving of the event. Within the physical being or resulting in a physical response. Why imagining your favourite food can cause you to close your eyes, lick your lips and swallow or touch your stomach.

We can also manifest positive outcomes. Lifting our vibrational frequency by affirming, to ourselves and even others ( though this must be done with care). A "fake it, till you make it" approach. It is important to not confuse delusion or present illusion in this. It stands to reason that if you walk into an interview having previously visualised yourself as being successful you are more likely to exude confidence. That not only eases you, but also the interviewer as your energy is sure to proceed you.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly. Just as we have two physical eyes that allow us to experience our external world we also contain an energetic eye that allows us to interpret things outside of our physical vision. Most often called the third eye.

Associated with the pineal gland and third eye chakra it is the ability to visually process universal energy. This can be experienced as a series of moving or still objects or images. A clairvoyant may also be able to see energy in a way that to them appears as another layer of physical sight.

There is no one way that this ability presents itself.

  • For some when perceiving or interacting with others the persons energy may appear as a light, fluctuating, rippling or pulsing colours, that emanate, flow or move around an individual, object or place

  • It can present itself as a visual energetic entity, otherwise known as a ghostly manifestation of an individual, a shadow, or seeable energetic presence

  • Others may experience words, pictures or movies of events, in waking or sleeping dreams that are either universally identifiable or hold specific meaning to them. These can be in relation to past, present or future events

Clairvoyance and Ancestral Connection

For many, physical photos or even names of ancestors are not accessible. Clairvoyance can help you connect through visualisation. Everything starts and ends with self connection. the following visualisation is designed to recenter you ancestral connections to a place of appreciation and embrace. You can focus on just your facial features or you may choose to stand fully naked. The use of a mirror can help to reaffirm your connection to the physical, however if looking at yourself in the physical is challenging you can totally tap into your mind alone and visualise.

  • Start with your physical self. You are a genetic physical representation or all those that came before you. Your eyes, body shape, hair. Look deeper. Consider the curve of your lips, line of your jaw, shape of your fingers, feet, toes, the bounce in your step. Now look deeper. Consider your other family members, or even the faces of the native people of the region associated with your origins. See the subtle connections. Now evoke and call forth with your mind the origins of those lips, what do they have to say? The origins of those eyes, what do they want to show you, the origins of those hands. Visualise them in action, a time, a place, their life, circumstances and surroundings. Let the story unfold without direction, these are your stories, energetic imprints, lessons left within

Our greatest power lies in the present moment. You are here, now, existing and experiencing this reality. When we open our minds up to appreciate and embrace self, we honour and acknowledge our ancestral lines.

There are a multitude of ways to enhance and recognise clairvoyance within ourselves. The way in which this gift presents itself to you is all your own. Knowing how to recognise this can save you time and sharpen your perception. If embracing and directing your clair abilities in this way calls to you.

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