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What's Calling You?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

I know what it's like to feel that internal tug towards your greatest good and feeling like you don't know which direction to go in so you just plant your feet and stay where it's comfortable.

For many years I studied, honed and developed my personal gifts with no desire to provide any of what I was learning as a service.

What changed?

The ever growing number of people who placed themselves as gatekeepers. Within the intuitive development community, the act of self ordainship is rife. Gaslighting, praying on people's vulnerabilities and trauma bonding is disrupting the collective growth cycle.

These individuals will proclaim that the only way to tap into your energetic potential is to work through them, that the only way to make it easy is to do it their way, that in order to be exactly what you already are you must follow their leadership.

The main principle of intuitive development is evolution. In order for something to evolve it must become what it previously wasn't.

This can not happen when we live within the parameters of the expectation of others,

this can not happen when we move in fear between illusionary borders.

Let us consider for a moment we are about to embark on a guided tour. The environment ahead is challenging with no clear pathway. You are not alone. There is an entire crowd of people about you. There are three tour guides standing at the front of the group.

  • The first tour guide promises to lead you through every obstacle, tell you exactly what the safest rout is, will carry you over the rough bits, point out every wonder along the way, cover your eyes when theres danger, will fight on you behalf so you don't have to break a sweat and reward you att he end of your long journey with a feast and full body massage

  • The second tour guide promises to show you the map along the way, to share their knowledge about and along the journey, to reassure you as you navigate the terrain, open your eyes to the many dangers and stand with you as you face them all. At the end of your journey they will examine with you and share the many treasures each of you are sure to accumulate along the way

  • The third tour guide promises to take you along the well worn rout, has a horse to carry all your burdens, nothing will challenge you because there are others on the road, agreeable conversation and redirection when you stray, that all they appear to have now, can be yours too at the end of your travels

Each of them spread their arms, their attributes on display, the crowd began to bustle, shouting amongst themselves. Each time you think you have made up your mind, the crowd sways towards a different guide, shouting the many reasons why that tour is the best.

Can you quiet the noise?

Take a moment close your eyes, breathe deep, you will see that there is a fourth option, one nobody is shouting about, one the rest of the crowd don't appear to see.

  • The fourth tour guide, promises to speak with the other three guides to learn what they are willing to share, to never leave you along to road, to share with you the wonder of exploring the terrain, to rest when required without complaint, to help you dig deep up every incline. That at the end of your journey they will be with you come what may.

The fourth tour guide is you!

What's Calling You? Is your intuitive development companion guide.

The workbook is divided into three main sections for easy navigation

(Check out the "Clair Abilities, Chakras and Intuiton" blog post for a taste of what you will find between the pages)

Section 1 : Development and exploration of your 8 intuitive Clair senses

In this section we explore the ways in which each sense presents, manifests and the ways in which these attributes can be applied to the physical world.

Section 2 : Development and exploration of your calling crafts

In this section we explore the incorporative aspects of living ritual. The many cross representations of energetic manipulation and tools of practice.

Section 3 : Development and exploration of your intuitive gifts

In this section we begin to examine what resonates, dispel our fears, false beliefs and put into practice the things that call to us.

The magic doesn't end there. Join the private group What's Calling You? and let's continue the journey. Come as you are, there are no expectations here other than a willingness to explore for yourself the many ways to unlock your intuitive potential.

Be you beginner or seasoned practitioner the journey of growth never ends

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