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The Ashe Unfolding - Orisha Oracle 2nd Addition


Is an Oracle deck of 49 cards with 5 additional Ancestral connection affirmation cards & PDF Guidebook 


Based on the energetic essence of the 7 African Powers and the resonance of energetic perceptions.


"Ashe is the ability to command with authority ones essence, in order to masterfully manipulate the outcome of things, through the application of ones individual power. It is so, so it is and is sure to be"


Orisha & the presented connections


Energetic principles and the way in which these aspects of creation manifest in our lives are perspectives that are present in religions, faiths, cultures and communities world wide.


This deck takes what is known and makes the connections for you. So that we can each apply what resonates to bring us closer to understanding the energies that live within us all and to reignite the generational perceptions that are woven deep within.


Let your unfolding begin

Ashe Unfolding - Orisha Oracle Deck


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