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Intuitive Development, Exploration & Community Growth

Clairvoyant Readings

What do you want to know?

One direct line of questioning - No card limit. I stop pulling when the messages stop flowing. 

Energetic enquiry - A reading focused specifically on connecting to your highest energetic expression of self, combined with a Chakra based, reiki alignment session

Mind, Body Spirit - A three layered reading focused on the energy surrounding your personal trinity. No card limit 


Intuitive Guidance Sessions

One to one at your own pace, personalised intuitive development sessions. Tailored to you through incorporation and exploration of your birth chart, natural learning pathways, clair abilities, personality traits and interests. We start with what you know, which is more than you think and by the end of your introductory session you will not only have discovered if you wish to continue your journey with me, but also the clarity of exactly what kind of mentor you are looking for and what next step of exploration will best serve you


Speaking Opportunities & Narration

Niya is now available as a speaker for holistic lifestyle events and workshops. With several years of experience as an intuitive, card reader, wellness mentor and start up supporter

Niya is now taking her years of study and experience as a performance artist and putting her voice and words to use as a narrator and writer



Community and collaboration are the heart of any great society.  Sign up as a site member and become part of the many entrepreneurs and small businesses ready to be seen. Stay tuned for Live networking and collaborative project opportunities 

Do you have a project in mind you think we could work on together? Are you looking for an innovative mind to bounce some ideas around with? Collaborative business ventures and project are the life of community. We can all get a little further when we work together


Stay tuned to the blog and events pages for updates 

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